Paul Revere’s Other Revolutionary Rides

According to research by Michael Kalin for Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer, between the winters of 1773 and 1775, Paul Revere had two dozen revolutionary rides. Each ride had a unique purpose, including explaining the Tea Party, spreading news of the Intolerable Acts, warning of British attacks and meetings with Whig leaders.  One of Revere’s rides — to share the Suffolk Resolves with the Continental Congress and return with the congressional response — was well documented in the September 30, 1774, issue of the New-Hampshire Gazette. As background, below is an excerpt from Fischer’s book:

In the summer, representatives from towns in Suffolk County, met together, and agreed to a set of resolutions drafted by Dr. Joseph Warren. These “Suffolk Resolves” proclaimed the Intolerable Acts to be unconstitutional and recommended sanctions against Britain. They also urged the people of Massachusetts to form their own government, and prepare to fight in its defense.

After the vote, Paul Revere saddled his horse and carried the Suffolk Resolves to Philadelphia. His mission was urgent. The Continental Congress was in session and waiting for news from New England. Revere left Boston on September 11, 1774, and reached Philadelphia on September 16, nearly 350 miles on rough and winding 18th-century roads in the unprecedented time of five days. The next day, Congress agreed to a ringing endorsement of the Suffolk Resolves — a decisive step on the road to revolution. Paul Revere started home again on September 18, and was in Boston on the 23rd, with news that greatly encouraged resistance in New England.

The response that Paul Revere brought back to Boston, as printed in the New-Hampshire Gazette, is pictured below. Mention of Paul Revere, particularly with reference to a famous ride like this one, is extremely rare.

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