Reporting the Revolutionary War: An Unprecedented Look at Newspaper Coverage from America’s War of Independence

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As curator and publisher of, I’m thrilled to announce here the news of my forthcoming book, Reporting the Revolutionary War: Before It Was History, It Was News (Sourcebooks, November 2012). In 400 full-color pages, the book tells the story of the American Revolution via newspapers of the period. Below is a brief description of the project. Stay tuned to, our Facebook page, our Google Plus page and Twitter for updates and more exciting details.

Considering the combined impact of traditional and social media on 21st century politics, it is difficult to imagine a time when media were more important. However, 250 years ago, newspapers were the fundamental form of media and arguably more important than any other time in history. Just as social media is helping to ignite and organize the Arab Spring, printed newspapers fanned the flames of rebellion in colonial America, provided critical correspondence during the Revolutionary War, sustained loyalty to the cause and ultimately aided in the outcome. Reporting the Revolutionary War offers readers an unprecedented look at colonial newspapers, which detailed the biggest battles and milestones as well as several forgotten events of the American Revolution.

Through vivid eyewitness accounts, battlefield letters and breaking news compiled from hundreds of newspapers – printed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean – the story of the American Revolution is unlike any version that has been told. It is raw and uncut, full of intense action, drama and suspense. From start to finish, these frontline newspapers deliver incomparable insight about America’s founding and combine to reveal one of the most real and comprehensive narratives of the Revolutionary Era, loaded with amazing characters, better-than-fiction plot twists and the perfect climax. This is history in its purest form.

Author/Editor Todd Andrlik is among the nation’s leading authorities on 18th century newspapers. He built one of the most significant private collections of American Revolution era newspapers, containing the earliest printed reports of practically every major event and battle, which he is making public for the first time ever with this book.

Coming together to help put the original newspapers accounts in context are 37 top historians — including professors, scholars, authors and park rangers — who have contributed more than 60 fascinating essays. These essays chronicle the impact these papers made on America’s War of Independence.

In addition to the 400-page, full-color book, a medley of multimedia and educational complements will be offered, including website, digital archive, enhanced e-book, video and educational lesson plans. With Reporting the Revolutionary War, we are bringing the 18th century to the 21st.


  1. Helena
    February 25, 2012

    Thank your for keeping this vital aspect of the American Revolution alive and in the Revolution itself in the forefront! If you would like a review, I review books regularly on a variety of sites and would be honored to provide one for your work. I can be reached at my email and am a fan on Facebook & Twitter.
    Best of luck!

  2. David Serxner
    June 7, 2012

    This sounds like a fantastic project. I have a small collection of the Gentleman’s Magazine, from London, and I love reading them! Good luck with the project. I am the curator at a house museum in NE NC, and while we do not cover the Revolution, we cover the early Federal period. The builder of the house served as a delegate to the NC Constitutional Convention. Please let me know how we can help with your project!

  3. Jim McNeill
    October 22, 2012

    I look forward to reading your forthcoming publication.
    Jim McNeill

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